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WAC Expansion: Seattle University Reportedly 'Crossed Off The List', Hopes For WCC Dwindle

Seattle University had not received an official invite or site visit from the Western Athletic Conference prior to previous reports of expansion and now Dan McCarney of is reporting that the Redhawks are off the list with the WAC choosing to be an eight team football conference and nine team basketball conference.

Western still waiting, according to sources
So the rumor mill is in full churn now, with reports coming almost daily with what’s going to happen with the Western Athletic Conference.

The latest has UTSA, Texas State and the University of Denver accepting invitations next week, Seattle University being crossed off the list and the WAC holding open a spot for Montana.

At this point, with at least three or four different scenarios floating around the blogosphere, picking the winner seems akin to throwing darts against the wall.

As presumed previously, the decision for the WAC appears to hinge on what Montana decides about football.

And if Seattle gets crossed off the WAC list, the chances of getting an invite to the West Coast Conference might also be declining, with Denver being a favorite but the conference choosing to put expansion off according to Jay Walker of ESPN 1420 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The West Coast Conference was also considered to be a possibility for Denver and it was no secret that Denver’s desire was to join the West Coast private school league. But in a meeting over the weekend, WCC officials decided to put off expansion talk for at least another eight months. Brigham Young University, scheduled to join the WCC for all sports except football, was lobbying on Denver’s behalf to increase WCC membership to ten and to give BYU an attractive travel partner.

However, if Denver does accepts its invitation to the WAC as reported, the WCC might still be an option sometime in the future.

Correction: although McCartney relayed the information about Seattle University being "crossed off the list", it was Jay Walker of ESPN 1420 that initially reported it. Click here for more.