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Injuries Derailing The Career Of Seattle Basketball Legend, Brandon Roy

As of right now, Portland Trailblazers wing Brandon Roy is probably the best of the much-publicized group of Seattle NBA players.

And with his latest injury, Roy's career looks to be at a crossroads.

Blazers Guard Brandon Roy Leaves Hornets Game With "Sore Left Knee" - Blazersedge
At the 6:14 mark of the third quarter during tonight's game between the Portland Trail Blazers and the New Orleans Hornets, Blazers guard Brandon Roy appeared to injure his left knee while making a crossover move with the ball against Hornet wing Trevor Ariza. Roy did not make contact with another player and appeared to sustain the injury while making the cut.

It's a sad development for those who follow Seattle basketball closely and, as Seth Kolloen of the SunBreak puts it, about as tragic as it might have been if recently-passed Dave Niehaus' career as a radio announcer had been derailed.

The SunBreak | News | The Unfolding Tragedy of a Seattle Legend, or Brandon Roy and the Missing Meniscus
We mourned Dave Niehaus last week because we'll miss the joy his considerable professional talents granted to a generation of Seattleites. But what if Niehaus had suffered some injury early in his career, rendering him unable to announce. Wouldn't that have been just as tragic?

Seattle native and NBA star Brandon Roy, who starred at Garfield High and then at the University of Washington, is facing just such a tragedy. Roy's knees, balky at the best of times, are plotting a complete work stoppage.

Basketball aside, it's painful to watch someone so athletically gifted endure such persistent pain at only 26-years-old.

The latest news from SBN's Portland Trail Blazers site Blazersedge is that Roy has been downgraded to simply out for last night's game against the Memphis Grizzlies.

But it's already getting to the point where you have to wonder just how good of a career he'd be enjoying were he injury-free.