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Dave Niehaus Passes Away At Age 75

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Longtime Seattle Mariners announcer Dave Niehaus has passed away at the age of 75. Niehaus, a legend in the Seattle area and throughout Major League Baseball, has been the voice of the Mariners since the beginning, in 1977. The cause of death is currently unknown. The Mariners are expected to release a statement shortly.

Niehaus was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008 after receiving the Ford C. Frick Award. The award is given annually to a baseball broadcaster and is considered the highest honor for those in the profession. He will always be remembered for his passion and excellence as a broadcaster, especially here in the Northwest.

Inducted, rightfully, into the Mariners Hall of Fame in 2000, Niehaus was a constant presence with the franchise. He thrilled fans with his trademark calls -- "My oh my!", "Fly, fly away!" and "Grand salami time!" among them -- and was a soothing voice in times of unrest. His voice and vigor for the game of baseball was timeless and cannot be replaced. It's with tears in my eyes and a heavy hear that I say goodbye, and we'll miss you, to a legend.