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NFL Picks, Week 10: Early Look At NFC West Matchups

All four NFC West teams are in action this week, squaring off in intra-divisional matchups on Sunday. The Seattle Seahawks travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams travel to the Bay Area to take on the San Fransisco 49ers in games that should start to sort-out the logjam that is the NFC West. The Seahawks and Rams sit atop the division heading into the weekend, with the Cardinals nipping at their heels. Need early picks for the games? We've got that covered.

CBS Sports took an early look at the weekend matchups and made a few predictions. The St. Louis Rams, currently the darling of the NFC West, face a 49ers team that's suddenly come to life. The Rams have struggled on the road this year, which may explain why four of the five CBS experts chose the Rams.

The Seahawks stumble into Arizona to take on the Cardinals after two non-competitive games against the Oakland Raiders and New York Giants. The Hawks continue to struggle with injuries and consistency in what's been an up-and-down season. On the road, dealing with injuries and slumping terribly in the last game, the Seahawks are unanimous underdogs, according to CBS Sports. All five experts chose the Cardinals, who have struggles of their own at the quarterback spot. Looks like a pillow-fight in the making this weekend.

Check back all week for update picks and predictions ahead of the weekend matchups.