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Seattle Sounders In MLS Playoffs: Week 2, Away At Los Angeles

The Rave Green are feeling a bit blue this Monday, after losing 1-0 to the visiting Los Angeles Galaxy in the first leg of their two-legged playoff. Edson Buddle twisted beautifully before sending in a mouth-dropping shot to give the Galaxy the advantage going in to next week's match in Los Angeles-but the Seattle Sounders certainly don't care how pretty the goal was. Instead, they'll be focused on how to overcome the one goal deficit and find a win on the road.

Remember that in the MLS playoffs, away goals count for naught. Although many L.A. supporters are saying that Seattle must score two next Sunday night, they are incorrect. Should the Sounders win the next game 1-0, that match will actually progress into extra time, in which the teams will have thirty minutes to try to find a winner. After that thirty minutes, the winner will be decided via penalty shootout.

Yes, the Sounders have good reason to be nervous, but not all hope is lost. If the team can find a creative spark that allows them to make their way past the Galaxy defense, advancement to the next round of the playoffs is more than possible.