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UW Vs. Arizona State: Game Week News And Notes

It will be shocking if the University of Washington football team sees a higher point this season than their thrilling last-second victory over USC in California.

The Huskies sit at 2-2 on the year, looking to push past .500 against a competitive Arizona State team that rests at 2-3 on the year. 

Here's what they are saying about last weekend's Husky victory over the Trojans.

Tim Booth of the Associated Press writes that the Huskies played without fear.

It sounds so simple, but for two weeks Steve Sarkisian preached to his players about playing without fear.

He noticed it in each of Washington's first three games, that his Huskies were playing "concerned football," wrapped up with trepidation about the mistakes they might make versus just playing.

"We were worried about things," Sarkisian said on Monday. "We don't need to worry about anything. Let's go out and just go play."

Mike Baldwin of the Seattle PI writes that the Huskies are back on track.

A week after they did nothing right, the Huskies again made plenty of mistakes. But instead of folding against another top-20 opponent, Washington banded together when it mattered most. Only a crazy person would predict that this win against USC proved that the Huskies have fixed all their problems. But, at least for one week, Washington proved it is capable of overcoming them.

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times writes that the Huskies flat out beat the Trojans.

The Huskies didn't have to exit the planet to beat the Trojans. They won with good, honest, offensively exquisite football. Therefore, they don't need to be humbled or to have their mind-set altered this week in any way.

After last season's signature victory over the Trojans, coach Steve Sarkisian thought otherwise and might have ruined the good vibe because of it. The Huskies wound up turning that breakthrough into six losses in their next seven games. This time, Sarkisian knows better. This time, he has better, too - better team, better players, better opportunity to turn an upset into long-lasting glory.

Todd Milles of the Tacoma News Tribune writes that Jake Locker stepped up after a tough showing against Nebraska.

Led by Locker, of course - embroiled in 14 days of heavy criticism after his stinker game against Nebraska on Sept. 18.

"He wasn't concerned about the outcome. I thought he wasn't concerned about what might or what could happen - he played each snap for that snap, and I thought you saw that in not only in his physical performance but his mental make-up leading to the ballgame," Sarkisian said.

More Milles on Locker.

The odd thing about the start of 2010 that had struck me was the ease in which defenders were getting their clean licks on Locker, especially when he took off running. He had become a purple-and-gold clad pinata on game days.

Those who paid attention saw the sheer joy USC defenders (notably Shareece Wright) got in knocking Locker down all over the field, and into the sidelines.

This time - and in a big way - Locker had the final say, recovering from a huge blow to the head, courtesy of Wright's leg in the fourth quarter to engineer the game-winning drive.

It's to say there is a certain buoyancy around the UW football program this week: a home victory over Arizona State might send Huskies fan's expectations to another level. 

Check back throughout the week for injury updates, news, notes and previews as the Huskies prepare for the Sun Devils on Oct. 9th.