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NFC West Roundup: Just How Bad Is This Division?

You may have already watched enough NFC West games to determine that this is not a particularly good division.

Joel Thurman doesn't have any NFC West team in the Top 20 of's NFL power rankings and Bruce Ciske of AOL Fanhouse doesn't even have a NFC West team in the Top 25 of his weekly power rankings.

And yet, per NFL policy, every division is awarded a playoff spot. Meaning even the lowly San Francisco 49ers have a reasonable shot at a playoff spot.

How Bad Is The NFC West? The 49ers Remain Alive - Niners Nation
After four weeks of action, the Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams, and Arizona Cardinals are all tied at 2-2, with the 49ers sitting only two games back at 0-4...Although the 49ers were stomped by Seattle in the season opener, the 49ers still have five divisional games left. Obviously the team needs to actually win A game before they can win multiple games. However, it's entirely possible the 49ers could still win the NFC West in spite of their abysmal start. Until they win a game I won't make any guarantees, but at this point I'll take anything I can get.

Sadly, it only gets worse when you start looking at the quarterback situation in particular.

Mike Sando's latest NFC West QB rankings are already dismal enough - Sam Bradford is number one in those rankings mostly because he hasn't proven to be terrible yet in spite of his statistics.

But let's move down to the bottom of the list and look at the Arizona Cardinals QB situation.

It Is Time To End The Derek Anderson Experiment - Revenge Of The Birds
After this, I've had enough. Like I said, I was willing to give the guy a chance, but he has ruined that chance with his poor play. Anderson seems like he is likable enough as a person, but as a Quarterback he isn't playing well, and he had a Quarterback Rating that was worse than JaMarcus Russell last year (Anderson had a 42.1 QB rating, Russell had 50.0). Right now, he should be doing nothing except holding a clipboard on the bench and comparing beard maintenance tips with Coach Whiz.

When Russell enters the conversation about relative to the QB situation of a team that is tied for first in the conference, you know something has gone awry.

Obviously, anything can happen once a team wins the division and gets into the playoffs. But as of right now, it appears that someone from the NFC West is going to steal a playoff spot from a much more deserving team.