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Lincecum Recovers From A World Series 'Brain Freeze' To Win Game One

Game One of the World Series featured a pair of outstanding pitchers, but in the end it was their lapses that may have defined the game as much as anything else.

San Francisco Giants pitcher and UW alum Tim Lincecum had what he called a bit of a “brain freeze” early in Game One of his first World Series appearance.

But on the other side, former Mariners pitcher Cliff Lee struggled as well and Lincecum partially attributed that to why he calmed down, as described by Carl Steward of the Contra Costa Times.

Giants' Tim Lincecum settles in after rough start, earns third postseason win - Contra Costa Times

Lincecum said he didn't think he'd be as shaky as he was having made three postseason starts but acknowledged that he was.

"Maybe just a little bit because it's the World Series," he said. "It's the first for a lot of us. It's a different atmosphere. You try to use what you've been through the last couple of series to help you through it, but obviously I kind of got outside of myself there."

Lincecum said that when the Giants scored two tying runs in the bottom of the third, it went a long way toward settling him down.


The Giants ended up taking a 1-0 lead with a 11-7 victory on the strength of a dominant six-run fifth inning.

Game 2 begins at 4:57 pm at AT&T Park.