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SonicsGate Crew Continues Their Fight As NBA Season Opens

With the NBA season tipping off today, it's yet another reminder that Seattle is without a team. While the Sonics are long gone, they aren't forgotten by a crew of die-hard fans that continue to fight for an NBA franchise in Seattle.

The crew of the acclaimed documentary "SonicsGate" continues to work in an effort to bring the Sonics back to their rightful home. Drawing attention to the injustices of the Sonics relocation to Oklahoma City was only the first step in their mission to resurrect the storied franchise. Through press appearances, public protests and the documentary itself, the SonicsGate movement refuses to let the Sonics be forgotten, both locally and nationally.

After the jump, we check in on SonicsGate and see what they have planned for this season.

The NBA lobbed a softball to supporters of the NBA team formerly known as the Seattle Sonics this season. On Nov. 4, the Oklahoma City Thunder, Seattle's stolen franchise, takes on the Portland Trailblazers in the Rose Garden. The SonicsGate crew is organizing a protest, asking fans to show up in Portland wearing green and gold. In their monthly newsletter, they detailed their plans to supporters.

Be sure to rock your best GREEN & GOLD and come out to Portland on Thursday, November 4 as the Blazers take on our former team at The Rose Garden.

This game is nationally televised on TNT, so it's our best chance this season to demonstrate Sonics fan support for bringing a team back to Seattle. Bring back the Sonics and renew the I-5 Rivalry!  The press is already picking it up.

You can meet members of the Sonicsgate production team at 7:00 p.m., a half hour before tipoff, on the Southwest side of the arena near the corner of North Hassalo Street and North Larrabee Avenue.

Two years later and the resentment for David Stern, Clay Bennet and the NBA hasn't gone away in Seattle. And it shouldn't. Seattle should never forget their franchise, their Sonics. Watching the Oklahoma City Thunder, and Kevin Durant, thrive in the NBA is a punch in the gut for Sonics fans. That team should be here, playing in Seattle.

If you have the time and the means, join the SonicsGate crew and voice your displeasure for Stern, the NBA and the Oklahoma City ownership. Check out the SonicsGate website for more on the movie and the movement.