Washington Vs. Nebraska: Huskies Come Up Short In Fourth Quarter, Lose 51-38

The Washington Huskies will try to upset No. 11 Nebraska with a healthy line-up. All of the players from last week's game against Hawaii will play against the Cornhuskers.

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Washington Vs. Nebraska: Reviewing The Controversial Kick Catch Interference Calls

We take a closer look at two controversial calls -- both of which were kick-catch interference -- that went against the Washington Huskies on Saturday.


Steve Sarkisian, Pac-12 Have Yet To Talk About Disputed Calls During Nebraska Game

Washington Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian was pretty livid about several calls during Saturday's 51-38 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. As of yet, though, he has not contacted the Pac-12 about the officiating, according to a report by The Seattle Times.

Tony Corrente, the Pac-12's new officiating coordinator, is waiting for Sarkisian to call before he talks to the Big Ten about its officiating crew during the game. Three kick-interference calls in particular during the Nebraska game stick out.

Arguably the most controversial call occurred with 1:49 left in the first half when Washington recovered the ball at the Cornhuskers 26-yard line. Instead of the Huskies taking possession, Nebraska got the ball back instead at its own 41-yard line and proceeded to finish the half with a tie-breaking field goal that gave them a 20-17 advantage that they would not relinquish.

According to The Seattle Times, Corrente had this to say about the ruling: "That's the one I'm saying, I'm not privy to what the officials actually ruled - what their rationale was for making the call." The Pac-12's officiating coordinator would not mind calling out the Big Ten on this particular call, though he feels that the other two controversial plays (a kick-catching interference call in the third quarter and another interference call in the fourth) were sound officiating rulings.

The Pac-12 will not reach out to the Big Ten until Sarkisian calls them. Of course, the head coach could decide to drop the matter entirely this week as his team spends time preparing the Cal Golden Bears on Saturday. No one knows what Sarkisian will decide to do, but the Pac-12 office will certainly be waiting for a call over the next few days in any event.


Huskies Quarterback Keith Price Shows Grit, Perseverance In The Face Of Injuries

Washington Huskies quarterback Keith Price has had a tough start to the college football season, dealing with injuries to both of his knees. Price, however, hasn't wavered in his resolve to play despite the hits.

Price took a big hit from Nebraska's Jared Crick on Saturday, one that possibly threatened to keep him out of the game. For Price, though, that was never an option. In an interview with several reporters, Price stated, "I was never going to sit on the bench at all at no point in that game." He went on to say that, "They'd probably have to cut off my legs or something."

Those are some big statements by the quarterback. He is willing to fight through the pain on game days even as the injuries continue to nag him. As Price said during the interview, "I didn't know I was going to be this banged up...and it hasn't even really been any big hits." He staid that his right knee is "about 90 percent" and that it should be back to full strength by Saturday. He also stated that his left knee is "about 40 to 50 percent" at the moment.

Coach Steve Sarkisian has only positive words for his quarterback's perseverance. Accoridng to Elise Woodward of Seattle radio, Sarkisian said that "Keith Price is sore, but he's a tough kid. I think he'll be sore, but it won't keep him off the field."

The Washington faithful will be glad to hear all of this. Their quarterback is a fighter, and it doesn't look like he'll take to the sideline anytime soon.

You can check out Price's locker room interview in its entirety at the Seattle Times' Husky Football Blog.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Video: Jared Crick Lights Up Keith Price

The legendary pass rush of Nebraska Cornhuskers was held in check again, as the Washington Huskies offensive line stepped up and gave young UW quarterback Keith Price all the protection he could possibly need. Price was sacked only two times and Price put up solid numbers in a losing effort. Things look bright for the Washington offense.

That being said, one of those sacks was a complete wallop, as future NFL defensive lineman Jared Crick decided to give Price a proper welcome to Lincoln.

Crick's blindside hit of Price highlights the growth the young QB must make, as he sat in the pocket with the ball, waiting to make a decision. Instead of deciding to run or let that ball go, he scrambled around the pocket and became a sitting target. Price's refusal to go with his legs or release with his arm allowed the defenders to recover from their original pass protection and Crick to get to Price.

Safe to say Price has learned a valuable lesson. Never get hit by Jared Crick.

For more on UW football, head to UW Dawg Pound. Nebraska football is covered by Corn Nation.


Washington Vs. Nebraska: Huskies Come Up Short In Fourth Quarter, Lose 51-38

The Washington Huskies were mired by poor starts in both halves as they fell to the Nebraska Cornhuskers 51-38 on Saturday. The Huskies kept things close through the first half but lost control in second half as the Cornhuskers racked up three touchdowns.

The game started on an ominous note for Washington. Nebraska used a huge return by Ameer Abdullah and a huge 50-yard pass from quarterback Taylor Martinez to Knenny Bell to set up a three-yard touchdown pass to Tyler Legate. By the time the Huskies knew what hit them, they trailed 7-0 less than one minute into the game.

Washington fought back the rest of the half though and led 14-10 just minutes into the second quarter. The Huskies entered the locker room at halftime down 20-17.

The first five minutes of the third quarter decided the game. The Huskies received the second-half kickoff but went three-and-out. The Cornhuskers took the ball down the field from there and scored on a one-yard run by Rex Burkhead, giving them a comfortable 27-17 lead.

Washington fumbled away the ensuing kickoff return and gave Nebraska the ball back at the one-yard line. Burkhead returned and replicated his earlier play, recording his second rushing touchdown of the day on another one-yard run. The play put Nebraska up 34-17.

Give the Huskies credit, though. The team fought back with three quick scores in the fourth quarter to close within 51-38. Those scores came just a little too late though, and a late pick of quarterback Keith Price with under 1:30 left in the game sealed Washington's fate.

Price recorded 274 yards, four touchdowns and two interceptions on 21-of-37 passing. Running back Chris Polk had 130 rushing yards one touchdown on 22 carries. Wide receiver James Johnson, meanwhile, helped lead the fourth-quarter charge with recorded 108 yards and two touchdowns on six passes.

The Huskies take their first loss of the season and fall to 2-1. Washington will take on the Cal Golden Bears next Saturday at home.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Making Comeback, Down Only 44-31

Don't look now, but the Washington Huskies are within striking distance in their game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Huskies trail 44-31 with seven minutes left.

Nebraska blew the game open at the beginning of the third quarter with back-to-back scores courtesy of an error on a Huskies kickoff return. The Cornhuskers went up 34-17 after those two scores, and tacked on a field goal as well as another touchdown to go up 44-17.

Washington hasn't given in though. Chris Polk recorded a two-yard score with 10:15 left in the fourth quarter to pull within 44-24. The Huskies scored again less than three minutes later on a ten-yard pass from quarterback Keith Price to James Johnson.

The Huskies are now down just 13 points, down 44-31. The Huskies went for the onside kick and failed to convert, but the team can still draw closer by holding the Cornhuskers to a field goal or no score on this drive.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Down 37-17 Heading Into Fourth Quarter

The Washington Huskies trail 37-17 against the No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers after three quarters. The Huskies, who went into halftime down just 20-17, gave up 17 points while scoring none of their own in the third quarter.

The Huskies opened up the second half in much the same way that they opened up the first half, which is not a good sign for Washington fans. The Huskies went three-and-out on the opening drive of the second half and Nebraska proceeded to drive 60 yards to score. The Cornhuskers punched the ball in on a one-yard run by Rex Burkhead.

Washington's troubles took root on the next play, when the Huskies fumbled away the kickoff return and gave Nebraska the ball back on Washington's one-yard line. Brukhead went to work again for Nebraska and ran in another one-yard touchdown. Nebraska cracked open the game 34-17 on those two quick scores.

The Cornhuskers added on a 29-yard field goal by Brett Maher on the next drive. The Huskies failed to put up points on each of their two possessions (three, if you count the fumbled kickoff return) and failed not match Nebraska's 17-point quarter. Washington trails 37-17 heading into the fourth quarter. 


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Make Errors In Early Third Quarter, Trail 34-17

The Washington Huskies, who played so well in the first half and trailed the Nebraska Cornhuskers by only three points entering the second half, suddenly find themselves down 34-17 less than five minutes into the period.

Washington received the kickoff but promptly went three-and-out. Nebraska then drove the length of the field and scored on a one-yard run by Rex Burkhead. Nebraska led 27-17 after that, but the worst was still to come.

On the ensuing kickoff, Washington fumbled away the ball on the return and Nebraska recovered the ball at Washingtoin's one-yard run. The Cornhuskers needed only one play to punch in another one-yard rushing touchdown by Burkhead.

This game is getting out of hand quickly, and Washinton needs to respond with a big drive. The Huskies special teas  unit will need to avoid errors the rest of the way as Washington attempts to fight back.

The Huskies currently have the ball and are driving down the field.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Trail 20-17 At Halftime

The Washington Huskies trail the No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers 20-17 at halftime. Both sides went back and forth in the second quarter but Nebraska pieced together a late drive in the second quarter to hit a field goal and claim the halftime lead.

Washington has been playing from behind for much of this game, but managed to pull even with Nebraska on a 41-yard field goal by Erik Folk with nine minutes left in the second quarter. The two sides continued to battle and gave each other a hard time picking up yards over the remainder of the half, with both sides forcing the other to punt often.

Nebraska managed to drive the length of the field in the final 1:49 of the half and score a 35- yard field goal to give them the halftime advantage.

Quarterback Keith Price has completed 11 of 19 passes for 138 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Both of his touchdown passes have gone to receiver Jermaine Kearse, who leads the Washington wideouts with 49 yards and two touchdowns on just three receptions. Running back Chris Polk has 57 rushing yards on 12 carries.

The Huskies will receive the kickoff to start the second half.


Ameer Abdullah Injury: Nebraska Return Man Yet To Return After Going Down

The Nebraska Cornhuskers are without Ameer Abdullah, the game-breaking return-man who has already broken off two big kick returns thus far. Abdullah was dragged down from behind by Justin Glenn in the second quarter, landing awkwardly and staying down on the turf following the hit. He walked off the field on his own after being attended to by trainers, but has yet to return.

It's unclear what is ailing Abdullah, but he was not back deep for the Cornhuskers following a Washington field goal to tie the game. He was shown on the sidelines with his right knee up on the training table, but that's about all we know at this point. On the replay, it appeared he slammed into the turf hard with a whiplash-inducing thud.

In the second quarter, Washington and Nebraska are still trading punches, tied at 17 apiece.

Check out the rest of our Nebraska vs. Washington StoryStream for more on the game. For more UW coverage, check out UW Dawg Pound.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Tie Game 17-17 With Ten Minutes Until Halftime

The Washington Huskies tied No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers 17-17 on a field goal, giving both teams extra motivation in the remaining minutes of the second quarter to score. The Huskies have climbed back from early first-quarter struggles to make this a ballgame.

The Huskies entered the second quarter with a 10-7 deficit but managed to score just two minutes into the period after Nebraska muffed a punt. Washington recovered the ball at Nebraska's 23-yard line and scored on a six-yard pass from quarterback Keith Price to Jermaine Kearse.

Nebraska came right back with a 66-yard kickoff return from Ameer Abdullah. Three plays later, the Cornhuskers regained control of the lead with a 25-yard pass from quarterback Taylor Martinez to Aaron Green.

Washington drove the length of the field on the following drive and managed to connect on a 41-yard field goal by Erik Polk. The two teams are tied 17-17. 


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Fight Back, Lead 14-10 In Second Quarter

The Washington Huskies lead 14-10 against the No. 11 Nebraska Cornhuskers at the beginning of the second quarter. The Huskies started out on a sour note but quickly established themselves on offense to get back into the contest.

Nebraska received the ball off of the opening kickoff and used a 40-yard kickoff return and a 50-yard pass on the very first play to move deep into Washington territory. A three-yard pass from Taylor Martinez to Tyler Legate gave Nebraska a 7-0 lead just 34 seconds into the game.

The Huskies, though, came back and pieced together a six-play, 80-yard drive to pull even. Quarterback Keith Price found receiver Jermaine Kearse for a 38-yard touchdown score just three minutes later.

The Cornhuskers tacked on a 44-yard field goal two drives later to secure a 10-7 lead. A muffed punt by the Cornhuskers at the end of the first quarter gave the Huskies the ball deep in Nebraska territory, at the 23-yard line. The Huskies converted on another Price-Kearse reception for a seven-yard touchdown.

Washington leads 14-10 and could put Nebraska into an uncomfortable situation if they keep scoring as easily as they have.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Score Update: Huskies Trail 7-0 Just 34 Seconds Into Game

Well, the Washington Huskies are not off to the start that they'd like against the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Washington trails the No. 11 team in the land 7-0 less than a minute into the game.

Nebraska received the kickoff and Ameer Abdullah returned the ball 40 yards to the Nebraska 47 just seconds into the game. Then, the Huskies secondary gave out as quarterback Taylor Martinez completed a 50-yard pass to Kenny Bell. Martinez connected on a three-yard touchdown strike on the very next play to put Nebraska up early.

The Huskies are going to have to fight back in this one, if the first 34 seconds is any indication of the day to come. Washington would get a big win if they can pull the upset here, and they may just be easing into the game at the moment. Still, the defense is going to have up big time and not allow 34-second scores if they want to stay competitive in this one. 


Nebraska Vs. Washington: Game Time Delayed, If Only Momentarily

We're still at least an hour away from the scheduled kickoff between the Washington Huskies and Nebraska Cornhuskers, but the game time is moving backward. Thanks to the early-morning matchup between Clemson and Auburn running behind schedule, ABC has been forced to shift its start times. So do not be alarmed if the Huskies and Huskers do no grace your television screen right at 12:30 p.m. PT.

Instead, the scheduled start time has been bumped back, and may continue to move back further if Clemson and Auburn continue to run behind. The news comes from the Nebraska Twitter account.

#Huskers fans, due to the Auburn v. Clemson game running late, #NUvsUW kickoff has been moved back to 2:41 CT

And so we wait. The good news? ABC has the broadcast and the Huskies will be seen nationally as they battle the Huskers for the third time in the last year. No matter where you are, you should be able to find the game on TV, either on ESPN or ABC.

Check out the rest of our Nebraska vs. Washington StoryStream for more on the game. For more UW coverage, check out UW Dawg Pound.


College Football Picks: Washington Vs. Nebraska And Washington St. Vs. San Diego St.

John Berkowitz (UW Dawg Pound)

Washington 27, Nebraska 21
These teams know each other well and I don't see a blowout happening during this rubber match. If Washington can contain Taylor Martinez like they did during the Holiday they are going to win this game.

Washington St. 35, San Diego St. 28
The undefeated Cougars roll into San Diego to face a pretty good Aztec team. I am predicting win number three for WSU even though this should be a pretty tight contest. The Cougs haven't really faced anyone tough but they have won the way good teams do against lesser opponents.

Kevin Cacabelos (SB Nation Seattle)

Nebraska 24, Washington 17
I'd love to pick the Huskies in this game, and I believe the Huskies will definitely cover the spread, but I think the Cornhuskers will win the rubber game of what has turned into a three game series between the two squads. Nebraska's inexperience in the secondary with Alfonzo Dennard out and their young offensive line will both work towards the Husky's favor. However, a home crowd and a strong defense will be too much for the Huskies to overcome.

Washington St. 30, San Diego St. 26
Looks like losing Jeff Tuel isn't that big of a deal at all. The Cougar offense did just fine in its 59-7 victory. This same Cougar offense is what will lead this team to victory. Undefeated through three weeks? You couldn't have written the script better for Coug fans. Don't discount this Coug defense, they only allowed a touchdown last week. Keep an eye on C.J. Mizell, Alex Hoffman-Ellis and Sekope Kauusi.

Brian Elsner (Wait For It Seattle)

Nebraska 42, Washington 24
That is a gross looking score, but I just have a bad feeling. It seems too hard for a team with less toughness and talent, particularly defensively. Nebraska relies on making big plays, particularly in the run game. They will be running at two inexperienced outside linebackers. Too much advantage at home in a sea of red. Not enough talent on the defensive side of the ball for the Dawgs.

San Diego St. 35, Washington St. 31
My prediction last week that the Cougs would lose at home to UNLV looks more foolish than George Bush trying to say "nuclear". And as the former President once said, fool me once shame on....wait, how does that go Mr. President? YOU AIN'T GONNA FOOL ME AGAIN! Just kidding. I can't pick the Cougs. San Diego State went on the road to Army and won last week on the weekend of 9/11 with Rudy Guiliani at the game. Army went 7-6 and won a bowl game last year. The Cougs are on the road against a good running back in Ronnie Hillman. They will keep it close, but lose.

Erik Kariya (SeaTown Sports)

Washington 20, Nebraska 17
I wanted to pick a narrow Nebraska win, but then I remembered: these Huskies don't lose close games. That said, this may be a crazy pick. But Fresno State nearly won last week by simply pounding the ball up the middle. Think Chris Polk can't do that? Chris Polk can do that. (Wait, why do I feel like Chris Polk has already done that?)

San Diego St. 49, Washington St. 21
The Cougs will score a couple times, as San Diego State is young on the defensive line and thin in the secondary. But boy, can that Hillman kid run. Add senior quarterback Ryan Lindley, who returns for what seems like the eighth time, and the untested WSU defense has got problems.

Jeff Nusser (CougCenter)

Nebraska 24, Washington 20
The point spread seems outrageous to me. I can't imagine Nebraska running all over Washington, as it did in Seattle last year; the only way this game gets out of hand is if Keith Price throws some interceptions. Still, I think the home crowd is enough to carry the Cornhuskers.

WSU 31, San Diego St. 21
The Aztecs aren't as dangerous at wide receiver as they were a year ago, so Ryan Lindley hasn't yet been great. Ronnie Hillman is still a home run threat, but the WSU front seven is vastly improved. Also, SDSU has faced three consecutive triple-option offenses. Not good when facing a potent passing attack.

Craig Powers (CougCenter)

Nebraska 41 UW 24
UW was able to take Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl, but I don't see it happening here. The hostile environment in Memorial Stadium will be a different beast and the Huskies will be overmatched in this one.

Washington ST. 38 San Diego St. 35
WSU has a good shot at continuing their offensive success, as the Aztec defense is struggling to adjust after playing two consecutive triple-option teams. The Cougs will face their most potent offense so far this season by far. I expect a lot of points and Wazzu to pull it out late.

James Satterberg (SeaTown Sports)

Nebraska 28, Washington 24
I'm tempted to pick the upset, as UW Matches up pretty well against the run-heavy Cornhuskers. However, in the end I think that Nebraska will squeak out a win in a closer game than the experts expect. However, if UW can contain Taylor Martinez and if Keith Price can continue his good performance, UW can win this game.

Washington St. 38, San Diego St. 28
SDSU is easily the best competition WSU has face so far, and it's tempting to pick the home team. However, last week made it clear that Lobbestael can carry WSU's passing offense. If they can carry that over, they should be favorites.

Husky and Cougar fans, head on over to UW Dawg Pound and Coug Center respectively for in-depth pre-game analysis leading up to Saturday. 


Washington Vs. Nebraska: Game Time, TV Information, Live Coverage And More

Despite not being built up around the country as one, this weekend's showdown between the Washington Huskies and Nebraska Cornhuskers has the potential to be a great game. Each school has a large fan base and we have all of the information that you need for the game right here:

Kickoff: 3:30 EDT / 12:30 PST

Television: Most of the country can find it on ABC, the rest on ESPN.

Radio: Washington ISP Sports Network, KJR 950-AM, as well as other Northwest radio affiliates.

Rankings: Nebraska (2-0) is ranked No. 10 in both major polls, Washington (2-0) is not ranked.

Previous Matchups: The two teams met twice last season; Nebraska took the first game 56-21 in Seattle, UW won the second with a Holiday Bowl victory of 19-7.

Opening Lines: Nebraska is a 17-point favorite.

As for the game itself, if the Huskies can avoid early mistakes, they have a chance to keep this game close until the fourth quarter. If the team commits foolish penalties and does not take care of the ball, the game could get out of hand early in Lincoln.

For more UW coverage, check out UW Dawg Pound.


Washington vs. Nebraska: Safties Nate Fellner, Taz Stevenson Likely Out on Saturday

Huskies head coach Steve Sarkisian spoke with Seattle Times' Husky Football blogger Bob Condotta on Thursday, with a bit of bad news for UW's secondary this weekend. Safeties Nate Fellner and Taz Stevenson will likely not be suiting up for Saturday's meeting with the Nebraska Cornhuskers, as well as a few more injury reports to divulge. 

Fellner won't be able to go at all this Saturday due to a bad hamstring he re-aggravated against Hawaii last week. He didn't take part of any drills on Wednesday, and is officially out for this week. As for Stevenson, he 'tweaked' his knee at practice on Wednesday, and is considered doubtful by Coach Sark:

he was really sore today. Not as bad as we initially thought but I'd bet he's doubtful.''    

That leaves spots open for others to make their mark like Justin Glenn, who hasn't started a game for the Huskies since back in 2009 against Notre Dame. Defensive end Talia Crichton is also 'a little banged up' according to Coach, but said they are likely to use Everrette Thompson a lot more at end this week along with Hau'oli Jamora.

For more on the Huskies, visit the UW Dawg Pound to get in on the action. 


Washington vs. Nebraska: 'Huskers Looking To Get Healthy For Saturday's Showdown

Bo Pelini is a man of both many and few words. On the field, the boisterous head coach is often seen screaming along the sidelines at his players and the referees as he tries to get a point across. When he is off the field is a completely different story, though.

On the final media meeting before Saturday's game between the Washington Huskies and Nebraska Cornhuskers, Pelini met with local journalists for less than two minutes. Despite not saying too much, the head coach did give a little bit of insight into the team's injury report.

As Bob Condotta tells us, cornerback Alfonzo Dennard, who was a starter for Nebraska last season, continues to recover from a pulled leg muscle. The talented CB has not played a game this year because of the injury and is likely a game time decision for Saturday. In addition, Pelini also said guard Andrew Rodriguez should be available for the game. The starting left guard missed practice Wednesday with an undisclosed injury.

Be sure to stay with SB Nation Seattle for complete coverage of UW Football. For more on the team, check out UW Dawg Pound.


Washington Vs. Nebraska Depth Chart: Keith Price Leads Healthy Huskies Against No. 11 Cornhuskers

The Washington Huskies will try to upset No. 11 Nebraska with a healthy line-up. All of the players from last week's game against Hawaii will play against the Cornhuskers.

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