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Kings Gameday: God Bless America


What the shit St. Louis?

Best & Worst Owners in the NHL


The numbers behind the best and worst owners in the NHL, laid out for all to see.

Law & Owners Special Isles Unit: Walsh & Greenwood


Part two of the series. Stephen Walsh & Paul Greenwood were minority owners of the Islanders for about four years. Today, they face much more time than that in prison for bilking retirement funds &...

Law & Owners Special Islanders Unit: Sanjay Kumar


No NHL team has an ownership history as unstable as the New York Islanders. In this first entry of a new series, we examine how Sanjay Kumar went from being a co-owner to being sentenced to 12...

Quick strikes and links for September 18th, 2012

The 2012 NHL lockout is turning into a rampant PR disaster for the NHL... You just have to look at the media narrative to find that proof. Francois Allaire is out in Toronto; What would the NHL...

Lock-out And Load: Why An NHL Lockout Needs To Happen

As we watch this debacle continue to unfold, as we pick sides and bang our fan-drums while condemning millionaires for their supposed greed, as the media continues to provide insight and...

2012 NHL CBA: The worst that could happen


"At this point, talks are recessed." -- Donald M. Fehr. That's paraphrased, as we've seen it in variations on Twitter. This post links over to Defending Big D and provides a better glimpse at the breaking news that NHL Ownership adn the Players Association are at an impasse.

Where the Devil will they go if there is a Lockout?


I have embraced the fact that a lockout is possible. Until this point, I was being an optimist, but as every day goes by, it becomes more and more likely that the New Jersey Devils and the rest...

Where NHLers Will Go If There's A Long Lockout


Europe isn't just a popular destination for vacations. It's also a popular destination for out-of-work NHLers looking to play during a long lockout.

2012 NHL CBA: How the fans could help the NHLPA

The NHLPA is trying to prevent being locked out and NHL fans are upset and feeling powerless about it. But maybe both groups can help each other out.

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