SEATTLE - OCTOBER 31: A fan of the Seattle Sounders FC looks on during the 1st leg playoff game against the Los Angeles Galaxy at Qwest Field on October 31 2010 in Seattle Washington. The Galaxy defeated the Sounders 1-0. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

Cascadia Summit: Portland Timbers And Vancouver Whitecaps Each Take Four Points, Seattle Sounders Leave Winless

The Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps are in Tukwila this weekend for the Cascadia Summit, a round-robin tournament between the long-time rivals.

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Vancouver Whitecaps Vs. Seattle Sounders: 'Caps Win 3-2 To Leave Sounders Without Points In Cascadia Summit

(Note to Seattle Sounders fans -- no freaking out about the lack of points in the Cascadia Summit. This is still preseason. Note to Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers fans -- no, this probably does not mean you'll be taking home the Supporters Shield or the MLS Cup. Sorry.)

The first half of Sunday's match between the Whitecaps and Sounders saw the expansion side take a 2-0 lead after just twelve minutes. Omar Salgado capitalized on an atrocious error by Taylor Graham, while Russell Teibert's cross proved hard to handle for Terry Boss, who bobbled it into the back of the net. The Sounders managed to get one back before the whistle when Roger Levesque assisted himself, heading the ball before volleying it into the back of the net. 'Caps 2, Pirates 1.

The Sounders came out ready to roll in the second. Unfortunately for them, they left their defense behind in the tunnel, or wherever the team goes when it hangs out at Starfire. I guess the field, which makes this analogy pointless. Anyway, the defense may as well not have been there when Omar Salgado charged down the left side. Terry Boss ran out to meet him but Salgado simply looped the ball over his head. Patrick Ianni headed it away but Camilo pounced, giving the Whitecaps a 3-1 lead.

With fifteen minutes left to go, Sigi Schmid put on Osvaldo Alonso and Steve Zakuani, proving these games were definitely about regional pride. Within sixty seconds, Ossie had turned the match on his head, likely making the 'Caps a bit nervous about what might happen when the season starts and the Sounders send in their starters. Alonso send in a ball to Roger Levesque, whose cross set up Miguel Montano for a tap in, giving Sounders their second goal.

Although Seattle followed that 77th minute goal with a golden opportunity to grab the equalizer, David Estrada's header had too much power and he could only send it over the crossbar. And so the score stood, 3-2, with Sounders falling to both expansion teams during the Cascadia Summit. Portland's 2-0 win over Seattle on Friday gives them the top spot and allows them the opportunity to brag -- at least until the season starts.


Vancouver Whitecaps Vs. Seattle Sounders: Vancouver Lead 2-1 At Half, Mike Fucito Off Injured

he match between Vancouver Whitecaps and Seattle Sounders started off in much the same manner as Saturday's match between Vancouver and Portland Timbers. This time, though, it was the 'Caps scoring early. Taylor Graham couldn't deal with a bouncing ball in front of the Sounders goal, and Omar Salgado took advantage, easily slipping the ball into the back of the net. "Cool" and "Calm" were used to describe the sixth minute goal, but really "easy" would be the apt adjective.

Taylor Graham was obviously rattled by the thought of a 17-year-old first pick putting a cheeky goal past him, and elected to make up for this error by grabbing Salgado's shirt when he once again ran by the defender. That's typically frowned upon in soccer, and Graham went straight into the book.

Graham wasn't the only one having a bit of a blinder today. The blame for Russell Teibert's goal, scored in the 12th minutes, rests solely on Terry Boss. Teibert mis-hit a cross, something players typically shrug off, swearing to do better next time. Instead Teibert was celebrating after Boss came out to collect and somehow managed to bobble the ball into his own net.

Vancouver quickly learned to exploit the weaknesses in the Sounders defense, and could have easily had a third when Camilo Sanvezzo ran around Graham to put the ball across the face of goal. If it was meant to be a shot, it didn't miss by much, but there was no one waiting to tap it in.

Unfortunately, the Sounders soon had more to worry about than defensive errors in their reserves. Mike Fucito, charging up the right channel, pulled up grabbing his right leg. Although the club is reporting that he's injured his hip, it appeared as though he was clutching his hamstring when he went down. Fucito is currently being treated by the Sounders' medical team.

Just before the halftime whistle, Seattle grabbed one back with a pretty interesting little goal. Roger Levesque headed toward goal, the ball bounced, and Levesque used his foot to send in the volley. It's always fun when men who look like pirates send in silly goals.


Vancouver Whitecaps Vs. Seattle Sounders: Lineups For Last Game In Cascadia Summit

It's the last day of the Cascadia Summit and I, for one, am using this opportunity to practice spelling out the full names of players before First Kick (which happens Tuesday, March 15 for anyone who doesn't have a countdown on their calendars). Vancouver Whitecaps and Portland Timbers drew 1-1 yesterday, with Portland scoring both goals. Which, incidentally, is why they have preseason matches -- working out kinks like which goal the ball is meant to go in.

If Vancouver win today, they'll be tied with Portland on four points, with the Sounders picking up exactly zero. Seattle have no chance of taking the tournament, but they could be runners up with a win.

Seattle Sounders Starting XI: Terry Boss, Zach Scott, Patrick Ianni, Taylor Graham, Tyson Wahl, Roger Levesque, Erik Friberg, Servando Carrasco, Michael Tetteh, O'Brian White, Mike Fucito

Subs: Osvaldo Alonso, James Riley, Steve Zakuani, Leo Gonzalez, Alvaro Fernandez, David Estrada, Pat Noonan, Lamar Neagle, Bryan Meredith, Josh Ford, Jeff Parke, Miguel Montano

Vancouver Whitecaps Starting XI: Jay Nolly, Wes Knight, Greg Janicki, Bilal Duckett, Nizar Khalfan, Gershon Koffie, Alexandre Morfaw, Russell Teibert, Omar Salgado, Camilo Sanvezzo

Subs: Joe Cannon, Terry Dunfield, Atiba Harris, Jeb Brovky, Philippe Davis, Blake Wagner, Long Tan, Jonathan Leathers, Bedri Gashi, Kevin Harmse, Cornelius Stewart


Portland Timbers Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: 1-1 Draw, Although Portland Scores Both Goals

The first half saw the majority of the action and both goals in the first half of Cascadia Summit's second match, with Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps winding up Saturday with a 1-1 draw. Ryan Pore opened the scoring at the fifth minute, with 'Caps keeper Jay Nolly only able to push away Brian Umony's shot as far as Pore's foot. Portland had most of the possession and many of the chances through the first thirty minutes, with Vancouver only starting to come into it in the last fifteen of the first half.

The second goal may have been a Portland own-goal, but it was certainly a result of increased pressure by the Whitecaps. Blake Wagner sent in a shot that was blocked by the Timbers keeper, Adin Brown, but his push bounced off David Horst for an own-goal.

After the excitement of the first half, the second was a bit tame. Both sides had shots on goal, but nothing much troubled either keeper. Unfortunately for the Whitecaps, the physical play of the Portland Timbers may have been less friendly than they'd have liked. Not only did the Timbers collect a handful of yellow cards, they also sent defender Alain Rochat hobbling off the pitch -- not a good sign with the season less than two weeks away.

Injury time saw the best effort from Portland in the second, with Rodrigo Lopez (who still is not signed with the Timbers) forcing a save from Joe Cannon with his shot from 30 yards. An on-target shot from that distance is like a giant flashing billboard saying "Pick me! Pick me!" Meanwhile, Vancouver answered with their own shot from distance, but it ended up over the fence behind goal.

The match leaves Portland at four points on the weekend. If the Whitecaps manage a win tomorrow, they'll be even, but there's no way for Seattle to catch up.


Portland Timbers Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: All Even At The Halftime Whistle, 1-1

It may be just a Portland Timbers audition, testing out their second string and giving their trialists yet another look, but the Timbers have looked sharp against the Vancouver Whitecaps in the second match of the Cascadia Summit. Well, they looked sharp up until the own goal, that is. But let's start from the beginning.

Portland gave a rest to almost all the players who participated in Friday's 2-0 win over the Seattle Sounders, not even putting their heroes on the bench. Instead they trotted out a list of alternates who immediately dominated the match. We'd say that Vancouver were having a bit of jet lag, but although the team had to pass across the border there's no time change there. Instead, they were simply outplayed for the first thirty minutes of the match.

The Timbers first goal came at the fifth minute, when 'Caps goalkeeper Jay Nolly came out to knock away Brian Umony's shot. Unfortunately for Nolly, the ball merely fell to the feet of Ryan Pore, who neatly tapped it in. Pore's had an outstanding match thus far for Portland, playing across the width of the pitch and irritating the Vancouver defense. If he's on the Timbers second string, this could be a dangerous team.

After the first thirty minutes or so, Vancouver finally found their way into the match. It took forward Atiba Harris that long to settle into it, with Harris electing to nudge the ball toward goal rather than shoot on his first attempt. He then hit the post from distance but no one was there to knock it in, and missed by just inches a couple minutes later.

Despite the hard work of Harris, in the end it was a Portland own goal that put Vancouver level. Blake Wagner sent in a shot from just outside the box. Timbers goalkeeper Adin Brown managed to save, but the deflection bounced off David Horst and into the net.

And so we head to the second half with the scoreline level at 1-1. These Portland players are determined to convince John Spencer that they deserve a spot in the starting XI -- if one puts the winner in against this Whitecaps team, it just might be enough.


Portland Timbers Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: Lineups As The Two Newest Teams Prepare To Meet For The First Time As MLS Sides

The Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps meet for the first time as MLS sides this afternoon on the neutral ground of Starfire, where the Seattle Sounders are hosting the Cascadia Summit. Yesterday's opening game saw the Timbers defeat the Sounders 2-0, with Jorge Perlaza and Kenny Cooper the goalscorers. They both get a pass in today's action, as does Jack Jewsbury, Portland's recent signing who wore the armband last night.

While Portland have yet to lose a preseason match, Vancouver have struggled in the run up to First Kick. They've won three and drawn one while losing four. Yet preseason - even this Cascadia Summit - means nothing come March 15.

Portland Timbers Starting XI: Brown, Taylor, Danso, Horst, Braun, Pore, Moffat, Marcelin, Alhassan, Johnson, Umony

Vancouver Whitecaps Starting XI; Nolly; Rochat, DeMerit, Janicki, Leathers; Wagner, Dunfield, Thorrington, Knight; Harris, Tan


Cascadia Summit: Seattle Sounders, Portland Timbers, Vancouver Whitecaps Do Battle This Weekend

The Seattle Sounders are welcoming their rivalries -- the Portland Timbers and Vancouver Whitecaps -- to the MLS in style this weekend with a preseason mini-tournament at Starfire Athletic Complex. The tournment, called the Cascadia Summit, will feature round-robin play between the three teams, set to begin on Friday night as the Sounders and Timbers do battle in the most-anticipated of the three matches.

Here's the schedule for the Summit, beginning with Friday evening's kickoff. The event runs through Sunday, with one match per day.

Friday, March 4
7:30 p.m. Seattle Sounders FC v Portland Timbers

Saturday, March 5
4:00 p.m. Portland Timbers v Vancouver Whitecaps FC

Sunday, March 6
3:00 p.m. Seattle Sounders FC v Vancouver Whitecaps FC

For those unable to make it to Starfire, the matches will be streamed live on the Sounders' website. All three matches will be streamed on the websites of the three teams involved, with rival broadcasters splitting the play-by-play duties. One team's broadcasters will take the first 45 minutes and, following a halftime switch, the other team's will take the last 45.

Sounder At Heart has been ramping up coverage ahead of the Cascadia Summit, looking at a variety of different angles. Dave Clark spoke with Mike Fucito about the preseason event, along with a variety of other topics. The Timbers Army, Portland's supporters' group, put out a call to their members in an effort to keep everyone at the matches in line. The event is, after all, a supporters summit, with a chance for the groups to cheer on their teams and the rivalry.

How about making a best XI for all of Cascadia? Which players are the best when combining the Timbers, Sounders and Whitecaps? Clark took a shot at that, as well, and came up with his opinions, allowing the public to critique and form their own.

It all gets underway at 7:30 p.m. on Friday night as the Timbers and Sounders kick it off in Tukwila. For the latest from the event, stay tuned to our StoryStream. For more on the Sounders and the Cascadia Summit, check out SB Nation's Sounder At Heart.

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