NFL Picks, Week 7: Predicting The Weekend's Matchups

CLEVELAND, OH - OCTOBER 2: Quarterback Colt McCoy #12 of the Cleveland Browns looks for a receiver during the second quarter against the Tennessee Titans at Cleveland Browns Stadium on October 2, 2011 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Week 7 is upon us, place your bets!

Week Seven. WEEEEEEEEEK SEVEN. The NFL season is already over a third of the way through. It makes you sad, doesn't it? What the hell are we going to do with ourselves after football is over? Go to Costco? Anyway, the season is slipping through our fingers but let's take a minute to savor the great match-ups the NFL gods have given us this week and my picks, because there are some good ones. 

I went 9-4 last week and now sit at 58-32 on the year straight up (64%). I suppose that's decent. Not terrible anyway. Here are my picks, with the current odds, as they come courtesy of Odds Shark. It's your choice if you want to ridicule them or put your car pink-slip down on them.

Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers (-3): This is a good example of a game I couldn't really care less about. I suppose I'd be interested to watch Cam Newton and see what all this hubbub is about and I really like Roy Helu Jr but that's about as far as my interest goes. In this match, I'd say that Cam Newton > John Beck so I'll go with the Sex Panthers. Pick: Carolina

Seattle Seahawks @ Cleveland Browns (-3): My beloved Seahawks travel to the mile high city, the city by the bay, Cleveland Ohio. It's neither of those things, really. Actually, when I think of Cleveland, I think of the movie Major League, and that image is not exactly becoming of their probably fair and beautiful city. Regardless, the fact that the Browns are favored by three points in this is mildly insulting to my fanhood, but I also, objectively, think that the Seahawks will win this game. Pick: Seattle

Atlanta Falcons @ Detroit Lions (-4.5): Game of the week, probably. The Lions really let me down last week when they let the 49ers beat them, but I'm sticking with them this week. Atlanta hasn't been super awe-inspiring and I think Detroit will be looking for a little redemption for last week. Pick: Detroit

Denver Broncos @ Miami Dolphins (-3): The "Suck for Luck" Bowl. Hooray. I guess it will be interesting to see how Tim Tebow plays. I really have no idea who to pick in this one so I'll just go with the home team. Pick: Miami

San Diego Chargers @ New York Jets (-1.5): Oh, this could be interesting. Whenever I can't decide which team will win I take a look at their quarterbacks, and in this case, Philip Rivers >>>>>>> Mark Sanchez so I'm going to go with the road dog Chargers in this one. Pick: San Deeeeeeeaaaaaagooooooo.

Chicago Bears @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-1.5): The Bucs are extremely difficult to figure out. They're a young team, and thus they're prone to a little inconsistency. After losing to the 49ers 48-3 two weeks ago, they came back home and beat Drew Brees' team. I suppose that's why they're favored over a Bears team that is actually playing pretty well right now. I'm going with the Bears in this one. Pick: Chicago 

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans (-3): The Texans haven't been the same without Andre Johnson and now they're without Mario Williams. I think this gives the home team Titans a significant edge. Pick: Tennessee.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Arizona Cardinals (+4): The Steelers are hitting their groove and the Cardinals are struggling to get rolling. Kevin Kolb has just one TD pass in his last three games and the Steelers defense isn't going to make it any easier on him. Pick: Pittsburgh. 

Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders (-3.5): This will be one to watch, as Carson Palmer makes his 2011 debut. The Raiders are a better team than the Chiefs in my mind, but the Palmer transition could be tough as he gets up to speed with the playbook and knocks off the rust. I'm still going with the Raiders in this one though. Pick: Oakland

St. Louis Rams @ Dallas Cowboys (-10.5): The Rams are in shambles and now it's rumored that Sam Bradford won't play. Uh,... Pick: Dallas

Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings (+9.5): The Packers are straight rollin. I don't see the Vikings, led by Christian Ponder in his first NFL start, putting up much of a fight between the Midwestern rivals. Pick: Green Bay

Indianapolis Colts @ New Orleans Saints (-14): Awful choice for a Sunday Night Game, though understandable considering they couldn't have foreseen the Manning injury. Pick: New Orleans.

Baltimore Ravens @ Jacksonville Jaguars (+8.5): Awful choice for a Monday Night Game, what the hell was the NFL thinking? People in Jacksonville don't even care about the Jaguars. Pick: Baltimore.


Check out more Seahawks analysis and discussion over at FieldGulls.

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