Mariners Acquire Jesus Montero From Yankees, Miss On Prince Fielder

It's the offseason, and teams are starting to think about next year. We've got you covered for Mariners transactions and free agent buzz.

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Seattle Mariners Unlikely To Make Big Move With Prince Fielder In Detroit

The Mariners had been linked to slugging first baseman Prince Fielder throughout most of the offseason, but the rumors finally came to an end on Tuesday as the All-Star signed a nine-year deal with the Detroit Tigers for upwards of $200 million dollars. With Fielder finally off the board, will the Mariners pursue any other notable free agents? Probably not, mostly because there aren't any out there that make a whole lot of sense.

Other than a utility player or corner outfielder there really aren't any impact bats left that would help the Mariners lineup, according to MLB Trade Rumors. The club could look to add a veteran starting pitcher or two, although it appears Jack Zduriencik is committed to rebuilding the franchise with young players and prospects. A veteran relief pitcher or two could be added, especially once their asking prices drop with Spring Training on the horizon.

The lack of moves may not be one that is appealing to M's fans, although the team appears to be headed in the right direction, even if they didn't land a big-time free agent like Prince Fielder.

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Seattle Mariners Trade Michael Pineda To New York Yankees For Jesus Montero, According To Reports

The Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees were reportedly discussing a deal surrounding star catching prospect Jesus Montero and potential ace starting pitcher Michael Pineda. Seldom do even whispers of a deal surrounding young players like these two ever come out, but some are even saying the deal is indeed done. Here is how things shaped up on Twitter:

And then this one:

And finally the confirmation (we think):

If everything pans out, this is a huge deal for both the Mariners and the Yankees. Seattle would receive a player capable of being the best offensive catcher in baseball for years to come, while New York gets a proven starter with ace-like stuff on the mound.

Stay tuned, folks. There are reportedly two other players involved in the deal, although they are unknown at this time.

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Spring Training 2012: Seattle Mariners Pitchers & Catchers Report Feb. 11, Full Squad Feb. 18

The Seattle Mariners are one month from the start of their 2012 season as it was announced today by Major League Baseball the first workout dates for all MLB teams, with the Mariners pitchers and catchers reporting February 11 and the rest of the squad on February 18.

Pitchers and catchers will have their first workout the day after they report on Feb. 12, while the full squad will have their first workout on the day after they report, on Feb. 19.

With all the waves the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have been making this offseason, and the back-to-back AL West champion Texas Rangers to deal with in their division, it's easy to see why the M's are the earliest teams to begin Spring Training, getting almost an extra week of work in before the rest of the league begins.

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Seattle Mariners Offseason News: Ichiro Under 'Mental Stress' Last Season, According to Report

According to NBC Sports, Seattle Mariners outfielder Ichiro Suzuki was under some ‘mental stress’ during the season last year due to the fact that his 10-year long 200 hit record fell to the wayside and missed out on his 11th gold glove and 11th All-Star appearance of his illustrious career.

“I felt desperate last season,” Suzuki told the Nikkan Sports newspaper. “That doesn’t happen to me very often. Mental stress is a lot worse than physical stress…If I can get two or three hits every day, I never feel tired, one hit relieves my stress, it’s better than an hour of massage.”

Some critics feel that his age is finally keeping up with the seemingly ageless 38 year old, which may very well be the case. Either way, Ichiro’s resume here in MLB alone is enough to call him one of the greatest to ever play, and undoubtedly a future Hall of Famer.

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Seattle Mariners Offseason News: Free Agent David Aardsma Thorws For First Time

Seattle Mariners right handed relief pitcher David Aardsma took a big step in his rehabilitation after Tommy John surgery Wednesday, throwing for the first time since the injury according to his twitter account:

This is a big step for Aardsma, but still is early in the process as it usually takes 12-18 months to completely recover from Tommy John surgery. When he does eventually return, he will likely be used as a middle reliever to prove himself before he gets a chance to close again. He will probably need a new team as well, seeing that he opted for free agency back in October.

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Prince Fielder Rumors: Seattle Mariners Hoping To Land Free Agent Slugger

There is no hiding the fact that the Seattle Mariners want to make a splash this offseason. The organization already has a few pieces in place to restore the team back to its glory days and the addition of a superstar slugger like Prince Fielder would be absolutely huge for both attendance and on-field production. According to the latest update from Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports, the Mariners are one of the few teams bidding for his services:

If Fielder signed with the team that wanted him the most, he would become a Mariner tomorrow. The franchise must reassert its relevancy after consecutive last-place finishes and an accompanying sag in attendance. Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik drafted Fielder in Milwaukee. But there are three strikes against Seattle: No big-league city is farther from Orlando; the team lacks an obvious candidate to offer lineup protection; and the Mariners are more than a few players away from becoming a playoff team.

Morosi goes on to list the Cubs as the favorites to land Fielder for a multitude of reasons, although it has been rumored that new GM Theo Epstein does not feel comfortable handing out a monster contract just a few weeks into his tenure in Chicago. 

He also brings up a fair amount of questions with Seattle. While the franchise certainly has the funds available to make Fielder a filthy rich man, they are unlikely to be in playoff contention until 2013 at the earliest. For a player who has been on the cusp of a World Series appearance the last few seasons, he may not want to head into the bottom half of the AL West for the foreseeable future.

There is also the national exposure issue; with Seattle being isolated and having many of the games played once those on the east coast have already gone to sleep, Prince may not want to play in front of only a local market. Should he go to Chicago or Baltimore, he would be in the limelight on a nightly basis.

It is unclear at this time which team leads for Fielder, but we should have a much better idea in the coming days. Stay tuned, Mariners fans.

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Seattle Mariners Offseason News: Mariners Trade For John Jaso

The Seattle Mariners have made their first big move of the offseason, according to On Sunday, Seattle sent reliever Josh Lueke to the Tampa Bay Rays in exchange for catcher John Jaso.

Jaso, a 6'2" left-handed-hitting backstop, is coming off of his first full major-league season, in which he started 67 games behind the plate while batting .224 in 246 at-bats with 15 doubles, five homers and 27 RBI. Jaso is expected to provide added depth in a catching platoon with Miguel Olivo and Adam Moore, both right-handed batters.

Pitcher Josh Lueke came to the M's as part of the Cliff Lee deal in 2010. During his 2011 rookie campaign with Seattle, he made 25 appearances and posted a 6.06 ERA in 32.2 innings.

This looks to be a pretty good deal for the Mariners, as it adds versatility to their depth chart at catcher for a low cost, particularly in a 2011 free agent season that is exceptionally thin on catching talent.

To discuss the trade and keep up with all things Mariners, please visit the incomparable Lookout Landing.


Seattle Mariners Offseason News: Brendan Ryan, Casper Wells Still Getting Healthy

Larry Larue of the Seattle News Tribune caught up with Seattle Mariners Brendan Ryan and Casper Wells to see how each of them was healing with their respective injuries, and had some conflicting reports for each. 

Ryan, 29, is still getting back to normal after an in-game collision with third baseman Adam Kennedy in early August. The diagnosis was a strained AC joint in his right shoulder, though his neck has been taking the brunt of the injury. He is finally gaining his normal range of motion back, though he hasn't been cleared to swing a bat yet. Ryan hopes that will change over the next few weeks:

"I watch television with a bat in my hand," he said from his Los Angels home. "I'm close. I'm a lot better than I was, but I think I expected to bounce back a lot faster than I have."

Ryan has been in physical therapy three times a wek since the end of the season, though he is yet to do any baseball related actives, even throwing. 

As for Casper Wells, the vertigo-like symptoms he was suffering from have seemed to dissipate, and should be fine once Spring Training rolls around:

"I'm fine, I'm doing some physical therapy involving my eyes, but it's not really an issue, anymore," Wells said. "One of the doctors testing my eyes said they were so good that when I was having the trouble my eyesight was still better than most people, so tests weren't picking anything up."

That sounds like a problem I would love to have. 

For more on the Mariners, head over to Lookout Landing to get your fix. 


2012 MLB Free Agent List: Adam Kennedy And Wily Mo Pena Among Mariners Free Agent Class

It's the offseason, and teams are starting to think about next year. We've got you covered for Mariners transactions and free agent buzz.

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