Seahawks Offseason: Marshawn Lynch Charged With DUI In California

Full coverage of the Seattle Seahawks as the NFL offseason rolls on.

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Seahawks Come to Terms With DE Chris Clemons

For quite a while this offseason, it seemed like Chris Clemons wouldn't be returning to Century Link Field for the 2012-2013 season. But like every offseason, things can change fast, and the Seahawks have reached a multiyear deal with Chris Clemons.

Chris Clemons, Seattle Seahawks agree on multiyear contract -

According to, the contract hasn't been signed and the terms are not immediately available.

Clemons seemed on his way out after skipping a mandatory minicamp - and in turn forfeiting $1 million in salary - and also turned down a two-year $14 million extension. He has been a bastion of consistency in the Seattle defense, starting all 32 games over the past two seasons and racking up 100 tackles in the process.

Seahawks first-round pick Bruce Irvin is expected to start across from Clemons in the upcoming season.

For more on the Seattle Seahawks this offseason, make sure that you check out SB Nation Seattle's offseason StoryStream as well as Field Gulls, SB Nation's hopelessly devoted Seahawks blog.


Rookies Bruce Irvin and Bobby Wagner Take Adam Jones Story To Heart

Before Bruce Irvin there used to be a B.J. Irvin. B.J. was a highly touted football prospect in Atlanta who dropped out of high school in the 11th grade and flirted with drugs and crime. Bruce Irvin is a more grown-up B.J., a pass-rush specialist drafted by the Seahawks with the 15th overall pick.

Because of his less than flowery background, Irvin paid close attention to what fellow West Virginia alumni Adam Jones said to the rookies during Monday's symposium. The Cincinnati Bengals cornerback is attempting to make a clean comeback off of his troubled Pacman moniker, and spoke to the rookies about his past career and how he hopes to fix it.

"I wouldn't want any of those guys to go through what I've gone through," Jones told "It's not fun being on the news everyday for this mistake or that mistake because your boy did this or you did that. At the end of the day, my oldest girl is six right now, and she can read. She can type my name into a computer. You don't want her to see all of those negative things."

Irvin can relate to shedding a past image, he said in an interview with NFL, comparing how Jones has tried shedding the Pacman nametag with how Irvin stopped going by B.J.

"Everybody knows, I'm sure has heard of, what his situation was and his recent incidents, but I honestly feel like he's a changed man, and like you said, he's Adam today," Irvin said. "We're both from Atlanta, we both went to West Virginia. We both have faced a lot of adversity in our lives. We both came from inner city Atlanta and faced a lot of troubles; ... we both bounced back from it, and I think it made us both better men today. I think Adam really got the message across."

Fellow rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner waited until the room was empty before he spoke privately with Jones after the speech.

"He was going through something that I was going through, so I asked him personally what he did so I can try to apply it to my life," said Wagner, who said the matter was too private to discuss during the interview. "It helps knowing that somebody went through what you went through. You can take what you need from it and apply it to your life.

Stick with this storystream for more from the Seattle Seahawks offseason. For full time Seahawks news and analysis, check out Field Gulls.


Seahawks Have Advantage of Playing In Division With Sub-Elite QBs's Daniel Jeremiah put together an interesting article this week that looked to rank the NFL's divisions by their starting quarterbacks. Not surprisingly, the NFC South led the way with Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, and Josh Freeman. The NFC North wasn't far behind, with Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, and Christian Ponder throwing the football for their respective teams.

Also not surprising was where the NFC West fell on this list -- dead last. With starting quarterbacks (or, presumptive starters) in Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb/John Skelton, and Matt Flynn, the Seahawks' division rivals all sit in similar positions of uncertainty at quarterback.

Says Jeremiah:

This division only returns one QB (Smith) that started more than 10 games in 2011. Smith wasn't flashy last year, but he did a great job of protecting the ball and making clutch throws. Bradford has the most ability in the division, but he is going to have a hard time thriving with the lack of help around him. The Cardinals paid a steep price for Kolb, but Skelton outplayed him last year and should be the favorite to win the job. Flynn is a good decision maker, but his overall skill set is average at best.

For the Niners, Alex Smith is coming off a strong year but has been anything but consistent or flashy in his career since becoming the first pick of the 2005 Draft. He received a new incentive-laden contract from San Francisco but could conceivably be jettisoned without losing too much money if he reverts to his earlier ways. He'll likely have Josh Johnson and Colin Kaepernick nipping at his heels and if Seahawks fans get their way, he'll struggle enough to create a quarterback controversy.

Sam Bradford has a ton of potential and displayed that in his first season with the Rams while breaking several records for Rookie quarterbacks. His sophomore campaign was a step back with a new offensive coordinator in Josh McDaniels and a plethora of injuries sustained at receiver. Going forward, Bradford will have to learn a new system under yet another offensive coordinator and new receivers so development could lag again in 2012. As Jeremiah says, he's got a lot of ability, but the situation isn't ideal.

Kevin Kolb battled concussions and poor play and had to deal with being outplayed at times by backup John Skelton last year, and should be in for a challenge to beat Skelton out for the starting job this fall. He has yet to prove he's worth the great cost the Cardinals paid for him and despite adding another offensive playmaker in Michael Floyd, the Cardinals figure to have some strife at QB this year yet again.

Finally, the Seahawks, and their three-headed quarterback monster. Will it be Matt Flynn, Russell Wilson, or Tarvaris Jackson? The Hawks have a lot of uncertainty at that position, but that uncertainty is on par with their inter-division rivals, making the division fairly wide open, relatively.

The point being -- if you're going to have a shaky quarterback situation, and the Seahawks currently have major question marks there -- you should be damn glad Seattle is a part of the NFC West.

For more on the Seahawks, make sure you head to Field Gulls and join in on the discussion.

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Seahawks Rookies Join Veterans In Phase Two of Offseason Program

The Seahawks continue their offseason in phase two, and the rookies are now able to join the team and begin competing for their roster spot against the vets.

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