Seahawks Vs 49ers: Seattle Blown Out 33-17 By San Francisco, Ted Ginn Jr.

The Seahawks travel to San Francisco to take on the 49ers in their 2011 season opener. Check inside for injury updates, depth chart announcements, game score updates, key match-ups, and more.

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A Note To The Seahawks Faithful: Stay The Course

Your friendly post-loss pep talk.


Seahawks Vs 49ers: What Went Wrong

Revisiting the Seahawks loss to the 49ers on Sunday. What went wrong?


Seahawks Lose To 49ers 33-17

The 49ers pulled out an ugly victory over the Seahawks Sunday afternoon at Candlestick Park, and much of the thanks is due to 49er kick/punt returner Ted Ginn Jr.

With 3:56 remaining in the 4th quarter, Doug Baldwin had just taken a Tarvaris Jackson pass and run 55 yards for a touchdown to cut the San Francisco 49ers lead to two points, 19-17. We had a game on our hands. The momentum was now firmly Seattle's and Alex Smith was about to face the full fury of a amped up Seahawks defense. But it was not to be.

Ted Ginn returned the ensuing kickoff 102 yards for a touchdown and yanked the momentum and last hopes of a victory out of the Seahawks hands. The crowd was back in it, the momentum was firmly back in San Francisco's favor. The Hawks proceeded to go 3 and out and on the punt, frickin Ted Ginn returned it 55 yards for a touchdown. 

Both teams played well enough to squeak out a victory but the 49ers came out on top due to their special teams play. Seattle had more yards on offense - 219 to 209, more first downs - 18 to 12, and put themselves in a position to win, down three only with under four minutes to play. Ultimately though, their three turnovers and special teams flubs cost them the game. 

The final lines for the starting quarterbacks:

Tarvaris Jackson: 21/37, 197 yards 2TD, 1 INT

Alex Smith: 15/20, 124 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

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Michael Robinson Injury: High Ankle Sprain, Out For Numerous Weeks

Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson was in a pretty valuable position, because he's the only fullback currently on the Seahawks roster.  So his injury early in the Seahawks-Niners game was pretty monumental and could have contributed to the huge first half struggles of the Seahawks.

NFL Network Insider Jason La Canfora reports that Robinson suffered a high ankle sprain, and could be out for as many as two months. Without Robinson, the Seahawks are going to have to seriously remodel the way they run their offense. The I-formation is probably shot, meaning Marshawn Lynch, Justin Forsett and Leon Washington will have that much more trouble running the football with out Robinson leading the way. It could mean more shotgun and more passing responsibilities for Tarvaris Jackson to bail them out, which is certainly not what head coach Pete Carroll would have wanted to do. The Seahawks will need a fullback fast.

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Seahawks Vs. 49ers Score: Tarvaris Jackson Inept, Seattle Down 16-0 At Halftime

The Seattle Seahawks are looking like they're really bad at football. And quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has a lot to do with that.

After getting two first downs on the first drive of the game, the Seahawks offense has managed one on the next six. Jackson has completed seven of 11 passes, but has only managed 42 yards passing for an atrocious 3.8 yards per attempt and has been sacked three times and lost the ball once on a blindside sack. There hasn't been much help from the Seattle offensive line in terms of opening up the run game--Seattle has picked up a grand 12 yards on 11 carries--but Jackson has been ineffective in making anything happen through the air.

Meanwhile, San Francisco's offense keeps on putting up points. Alex Smith put up passes to Vernon Davis and Frank Gore, plus additional rushes from Gore set up another David Akers field goal. Then after another Seattle punt, Smith found Davis for two more completions, hit Michael Crabtree and Frank Gore for additional yardage, then rolled out with no timeouts and burst through to the end zone with 0:12 remaining (if he hadn't made it, the clock might have run out).

Seattle has been totally outplayed, but they're technically only down two scores. So the game (shockingly) isn't quite over yet.

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Seahawks vs. 49ers Score Update: Punting Is Winning, San Francisco Up 6-0

The Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers are locked in a defensive battle. Or an offensive slugfest. Or slopfest. Whatever.

  It's only special teams that are keeping the 49ers slightly ahead, as two booming punts by Andy Lee (averaging over 62 yards per punt!) helped pin Seattle back. Then after Seattle was forced to punt from deep in their own territory, Ted Ginn Jr. managed a 31 yard punt return to get to the Seahawks 27. This set up a David Akers 27 yard field goal and put San Francisco up 3-0.

After Seattle got the ball back, Jackson was hit from the blind side by Parys Haralson, jostling the ball open, and Will Tukuafu scooped open the fumble. Alex Smith couldn't do much with that red zone opportunity though, and the Niners had to settle for another chippy Niners field goal. It's 6-0 midway through the second quarter.

After the first drive where the Seahawks picked up two first downs, the offense has stagnated. Tarvaris Jackson seems to enjoy hanging onto the ball a little too long. Jim Harbaugh enjoys running the ball a lot--on every third down, regardless of distance, they've rushed the ball.

For more on the Seahawks, check out Field Gulls. For more on the 49ers, check out Niners Nation.


Seahawks vs. 49ers: Seattle With Numerable Inactives For Week One

With only minutes to spare before the kickoff of the Seattle Seahawks 2011 campaign, the excitement for this much anticipated season is palpable amongst fans and players alike. Unfortunately Seattle will have a number of inactive players in week one, some of which will be sorely missed for their meeting with NFC west rival San Francisco 49ers.

According to John Boyle via twitter, wide receiver Sidney Rice and left guard Robert Gallery will be the headline names not to play this Sunday, along with linebacker David Hawthorne, quarterback Josh Portis, defensive tackle Al Woods, wide receiver Kris Durham, and tackle Jarriel King.

Obviously the absence of Rice and Durham will leave the Seahawks passing game without some productive targets, but the biggest issue may come from the quarterback position as Tavaris Jackson will be without a one of his backups, leaving the team vulnerable if he happens to go down with an injury. Hopefully that won’t be the case, but thats why teams carry backups, and Jackson will have only Charlie Whitehurst behind him for support.

Kickoff for today’s game is set for 1:15 pm PT with coverage on the FOX network.

For more discussion on the Seahawks, head over to Field Gulls to get your fix.


Seahawks Vs. 49ers: The "What's Your Deal Bowl" Is About To Go Down

In case you've been living under a rock for the last week or two and have had no access to this mythical and mysterious thing called the "internet" (it's a chemical reaction similar to fire, I think?), I'll get you up to speed. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh used to coach college football while concurrently at schools in the Pac-10. They are now concurrently coaching professional football teams in the NFL's NFC West. 

Back in 2009, Carroll's USC Trojans met up with Harbaugh's strangely singular Cardinal to play a little match on the gridiron. The Stanford Maroonish Color defeated the Trojans 55-21 and came to that final score after attempting and converting a 2-point conversion very late in the game despite being up by many touchdowns (dicks). 

Well, Old Blondie (as I like to call Pete) didn't really appreciate this gesture and when the two met at mid-field to shake hands, Pete asked him "What's your deal?"

Obviously possessing a rapier's wit, Harbaugh's witty and clever retort was "What's YOUR deal?" (He'd recently finished seasons one and two of MTV's Yo Momma on Netflix instant streaming so he had some good comebacks in his repertoire).

That's pretty much all that happened. Now, they meet again. They've both played it off in their own ways -- Pete basically denying it happened despite video evidence that would be admissible in court,--  and Jim just saying that it doesn't matter and he respects Pete as a coach (real mature Jim, reaaaaal mature).

Let's be honest. Who cares? It was two years ago.

Well, us media folk just can't let things like this die, and it's fun to name things the "What's Your Deal Bowl" to blow things way out of proportion. It's obvious to all of us that Pete Carroll is going to get a big lead and then really stick it to Jim by going for two late in the game. Then, he's gonna wave at Jim and do this:Carrollballs_medium


Seahawks Vs 49ers: Five Things To Watch

The Seahawks face off against the 49ers on Sunday in the season opener and both teams will look to get a jump on the lead in the NFC West. The Seahawks will be looking to repeat as Division Champions, this time hopefully with a winning record, and the 49ers will be looking to knock them off their block, so to speak. 

Here are some things that Seattle will have to do to come out of San Francisco with a win on the road:

1> Limit turnovers. The Hawks have to win the turnover battle. This is never more important than playing on the road with an inexperienced line, an untested quarterback, a young defense, and a new offense. These are the issues that Seattle will be dealing with so if they start coughing up the football they will have major problems.

2> Settle down on offense. The Seahawks first team offense really sucked ass in the preseason (pardon my french). The line was porous, the passing game was inefficient, the run game didn't gain a ton of traction, and many of the Hawks starting players were limited with minor injuries. 

If the Hawks can settle in and string together a few first downs early in the game, it will be huge for their confidence and they can start to build some momentum on that side of the ball. Tarvaris Jackson is under a huge amount of pressure both from the fans and from opposing defensive lines, so if he can calm down a bit and distribute the football, he should be fine. If he continues to hold on to the ball in the face of the pass rush and take sacks, it's going to be a very LONG day for the offense (and consequentially, the defense). 

3> The offensive line play. It's looking like James Carpenter will be playing at left guard for the injured Robert Gallery, and Breno Giacomini will take over at right tackle. Neither of them have started an NFL game. John Moffitt, the right guard, hasn't either. Max Unger, the center, has started 17 games. Russell Okung has started 10. Yikes. 

It's very likely they're going to struggle. This is the NFL. You can't just throw together a line and hope it magically works. The  level of suckatude is what to watch here. Can they get by with a little grit and get the job done well enough to eek out the win? It's very possible. I'm not saying that the sky is falling, but this will be something that could severely hamstring their efforts. 

4> The defense will need to get pressure on Alex Smith. Any quarterback in the NFL, with time, can pick apart a defense. You don't make it to the NFL if you can't make passes under no pressure. Even Alex Smith, the former number one pick that has mostly busted in the NFL (though he IS still starting... so it's not a complete waste), could pick apart the Seahawks secondary if given time to sit back and hit an open target.

The Hawks will need to bring pressure from their LEO end, typically Chris Clemons and Raheem Brock, but will also need to get a little push from the defensive interior -- Brandon Mebane and Alan Branch. If these two can collapse the pocket, force Smith to scramble or throw it away, it will take some pressure off of the young secondary to make plays. 

San Francisco upgraded their receiving corps this offseason with the addition of Braylon Edwards to augment the weaponry they have in TE Vernon Davis and 3rd year receiver Michael Crabtree. Former CFLer, Brandon Browner will likely get the start opposite Marcus Trufant, and he'll likely match up against Crabtree. It will be a tough assignment for Browner, but it will be interesting to see what he can do against a talented receiver in Crabtree.

5> Special teams. The special teams won Seattle a few games last year, and I have to think that this year will be the same. New kickoff rules. New personnel. A new kicker in Steven Hauschka that we haven't seen kick one ball yet this season, apart from the one he made to beat the Seahawks as the clock ran out in Preseason Week 3 while playing for the Broncos. Does he have a big leg? Can he boot it through the endzone on kickoffs? I don't know. I would guess yes, but we have yet to see.

It's likely the Hawks will rely on his leg because I think it's realistic to assume the offense won't be able to move the football at will. They could prove me wrong of course, but just referencing the problems I stated above with the offensive line, I'd be surprised if they work like a well-oiled machine at this point in the season.

That's what I got for you. There are hundreds of other variables at play here, and that's why I frickin love the NFL. Should be a good game!

For more on the Seahawks, seriously go check out Field Gulls. It's an awesome place, the Candy Mountain of the internet. 


Seahawks Vs. 49ers: TV Schedule, Kickoff Time, Radio Coverage & More

If you're reading this then you probably already know: the Seahawks play football this weekend. They play football in San Francisco. At a place that used to be called Candlestick Park but I'm too lazy to look up what it's called now. Let's just say it's that stadium in San Francisco.

Want to know where and when you can watch that thing? Well:

Kickoff: 1:15 p.m., don't miss it.

TV:  FOX (there will probably be copious amounts of stupid Fox Robot graphics, so just be prepared for that. They really go crazy about that damn robot. Making it do dances and stuff. They really, really like spending time on that robot. Typically, they'll specialize the robot for different times of the year. I'm not sure what they'll do for the opening game, I don't know, maybe they'll have it playing guitar? It'll probably be something stupid though.)

TV announcers: Dick Stockton, John Lynch and Jaime Maggio

Radio: 710ESPN AM Dial and 97.3 FM Dial. (It seems weird to me that people listen to football on FM channels but I guess to each his own. AM is for sports. FM is for Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj and dance music with a lot of beeps and bloops.)

Radio announcers: Steve Raible, Warren Moon and Jen Mueller

Watch it online at: (it costs money, because the NFL is going to squeeze every last dollar it can out of you).

Complete online coverage: Right here, yo. 

For more on the Seahawks, seriously go check out Field Gulls. It's an awesome place,


Week 1 NFL Picks: So It Begins

The 2011 NFL season is officially underway after an arduous and frustrating offseason. Naturally, the NFL didn't disappoint with a season-opening barnburner Thursday night between the Saints and the defending Champion Green Bay Packers. The Pack came out ahead in that one, but there's still fifteen other games to be watched. 

For the coming season, each week we'll provide a prediction of every game based on the spread. We'll have a cumulative record to date to see how amazingly accurate god-awful horribly we do. Given how unpredictable this season could be due to the lockout, this should make for high entertainment. As will always be the case until gambling becomes more widespread, these are strictly for entertainment purposes. All odds come courtesy of Odds Shark (see right hand column for current odds).    

Pittsburgh Steelers (even) over BALTIMORE RAVENS: The Ravens opened at -2 1/2 but the line is now even and this is probably going to be one of the better games of the weekend. In a game between two powerhouse defenses, I'd take the offense with more weapons, and right now that seems to be Ben Roethelisberger and  Pittsburgh. Pick: Steelers

Atlanta Falcons (-2.5) over CHICAGO BEARS: Strong run game. Potent passing attack. Strong defense. The Bears will put up a good fight on their own home "turf," if you want to call it that, but the Falcons are just too much for the Bears this week. Pick: Falcons

CLEVELAND BROWNS (-7) over Cincinnati Bengals: I'm not sure if I'd pick the Bengals over anyone at this point, and that includes the Browns. Andy Dalton in his first NFL start will be no match for Colt McCoy and the Browns at home. Pick: Browns

HOUSTON TEXANS (-10) over Indianapolis Colts: Something came out this week about a certain Colts quarterback not being able to play. With that in mind, I have to go with the Texans here. They've got a shiny new secondary to go with their already powerful offense, and the Manning-less Colts will fall behind early. Playing catch-up won't be Kerry Collins' strong suit, especially against Danieal Manning and Johnathan Joseph in the Houston secondary. Pick: Texans

Tennessee Titans (+1) over JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS: Luke McCown takes over for the Jaguars but the Titans will be too much for the in the season opener. Matt Hasselbeck with manage the hell out of this game and if he limits his turnovers, the Titans should have no problems. Pick: Titans

KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-7) over Buffalo Bills: I like what the Chiefs have built in Kansas City. It will be interesting to see how their offense functions without Charlie Weiss calling games, but I think they'll handle the Bills at home. Pick: Chiefs

Philadelphia Eagles (-4) over ST. LOUIS RAMS: Michael Vick and the Eagles will win this one. Though St Louis is on the up-and-up in the NFC West, they're still very young and have a brand new offense to execute. Their defense is strong but Michael Vick's escapability and ability to throw on the run should mitigate what rookie Robert Quinn may be able to accomplish rushing from the edge. Pick: Eagles

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (even) over Detroit Lions: This is going to be a great game, I can just feel it. Both teams are young and hungry. Both teams have budding superstars as quarterbacks, but in this case Josh Freeman has the edge. Because of this and because Tampa Bay is playing at home, I got to go with the Bucs. Pick: Buccaneers

ARIZONA CARDINALS (-8) over Carolina Panthers: As much as I hate to say it, Kevin Kolb will help to improve the Cardinals listless offense. A guy name Larry Fitzgerald catching his passes doesn't hurt. The Panthers will probably not be as bad as they were last year, but with a rookie QB providing leadership, I wouldn't expect much. Pick: Cardinals

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (-9.5) over Minnesota Vikings: The Chargers notoriously start slow. I don't think that will matter in this one. Their offense is healthy and suspension free COUGHvincentjacksonCOUGH. They've got Tolbert and Mathews ready to run. Philip Rivers is pretty good at football. I haven't even talked about their defense yet. Chargers all the way. Pick: Chargers

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS (-5.5) over Seattle Seahawks: Sigh. I know. How could I pick the 49ers here? Well, the Seahawks are going with an offensive line that has never played together and has a combined 27 NFL starts under their collective belts. The 49ers are at home. This will be a hard-fought game but ultimately the home field advantage will be the deciding factor here. Pick: 49ers

New York Giants (-2.5) over WASHINGTON REDSKINS: I feel like the Redskins are a mess. They're probably better off than I imagine, but I think the injury ravaged Giants have a better QB and a better team. The Washington home-field advantage will play a part, but ultimately the Giants will come out on top. Pick: Giants

NEW YORK JETS (-5.5) over Dallas Cowboys: I don't see the Jets losing at home here, even though I don't really think Mark Sanchez is very good. The Jets do have a good defense, and the Cowboys are notoriously inconsistent. They'll get rattled early, start to panic about repeating what they did last year, and then lose. Pick: Jets

New England Patriots (-7) over MIAMI DOLPHINS: The Patriots are just so damn hard to pick against, especially when the Dolphins are less than set at QB. Should be an interesting game, but NE will come out on top. Pick: Patriots

DENVER BRONCOS (-3) over Oakland Raiders: Kyle Orton is underrated in my book. The Raiders are not going to be an 8-8 team again this year. The Broncos defense will overwhelm the Raiders offensive line and Jason Campbell will be running for his life the entire game. Pick: Broncos


Seahawks Vs 49ers Injury Report Update: Gallery, Rice Doubtful; Clemons, Hawthorne Probable

Not exactly the news that Seahawks fans were hoping for: the Hawks will start their 2011 season without a couple of their most exciting pickups in the offseason, left guard Robert Gallery and wide receiver Sidney Rice. Both players are nursing injuries that will likely force them to miss the game on Sunday but neither injury is considered serious. 

Gallery has a banged up knee that he's not quite ready to return from yet, and Sidney Rice has a shoulder injury he sustained in practice. Rice has been practicing a little bit but Pete Carroll mentioned that they don't want to rush him back and exacerbate the problem. Said Carroll, "He ran around today and caught balls and all that stuff, but we need to protect him."

If Rice can't go, and it's not looking like he'll be able to, WR Ben Obomanu will start in his place.

With Gallery likely out, the Hawks line figures to look like this: LT Russell Okung, LG James Carpenter, C Max Unger, RG John Moffitt, and RT Breno Giacomini. A left tackle coming off an injury, a left guard making his first NFL start at a spot that he has never played before, a center making his first start in a year, a right guard making his first NFL start, and a right tackle making his first NFL start. Yeesh. At least the 49ers don't have a good pass rush. Oh wait... 

Anyway, on the other side of the ball, Carroll noted that both defensive end Chris Clemons and middle linebacker David Hawthorne are expected to play on Sunday, which comes as a big relief to Seahawks fans. Clemons tweaked his ankle in walk-through on Thursday but it looks like it was only a minor thing. David Hawthorne has been limited in practice all week but will apparently give it a go against the 49ers. Pete Carroll wouldn't commit on whether or not Hawthorne would start so rookie KJ Wright figures to start and get a lot of snaps if Hawthorne can't get up to speed in time. 

For more Seahawks coverage, be sure to visit Field Gulls.    


Seahawks vs. 49ers Injury Report: Robert Gallery Out For Season Opener

We now have confirmation that one of the Seattle Seahawks listed as questionable or doubtful for Sunday's NFL opener will miss the game. The player: Robert Gallery. The left tackle has been slowed down by a knee injury and head coach Pete Carroll announced Friday to 93.7 KIRO FM.

Gallery, one of the Seahawks' biggest free-agent acquisitions this offseason, didn't practice this week after spraining his right knee in the final preseason game against the Raiders last weekend.

Gallery's uncertain status had forced rookie right tackle James Carpenter to practice this week at left guard. Breno Giacomini was taking reps in Carpenter's place at right tackle. Carroll said left tackle Russell Okung will play after missing most of the preseason with an ankle sprain.

No exact timetable has been set for Gallery's return, though one would expect the guard to return in the next week or two assuming he does not re-injure his knee in practice. For a team that has struggled to protect its quarterback and have a solid run game the last few seasons, a healthy offensive line has to be an appealing though to the coaching staff, the players, and the fans.

For more Seahawks coverage, be sure to visit Field Gulls.


Seattle Seahawks Injury Report: Chris Clemons Tweaks Ankle, K.J. Wright Filling In For David Hawthorne

A team never likes to have injuries in the preseasons. The only thing worse than an injury in practice is an injury during a walkthrough drill, which is exactly what happened to Chris Clemons on Thursday. has the story with a few updates.

Clemons, who had off-season surgery on his ankle, re-injured that ankle in practice and was held out of drills for the rest of the day. The team held the defensive end out to get treatment and he hopes to be available for Sunday's game with the 49ers

Rookie linebacker K.J. Wright continued to take the majority of reps with the first team defense with a knee injury to starter David Hawthorne keeping him limited. No official word on how much Hawthorne will be able to play on Sunday, though his knee has reportedly improved the last few days. If he is unable to start or if the injury were to worsen as the game continues, Wright, who played outside linebacker in college, could see a lot of playing time in his NFL debut.

For complete Seahawks coverage, be sure to stay with SB Nation Seattle. For more news, check out Field Gulls.


Pete Carroll States Ben Obomanu May Start If Sidney Rice Isn't Ready

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll told Mitch Levy of 950 KJR that if wide receiver Sidney Rice isn't ready to go on Sunday due to a bum shoulder that Ben Obomanu will take his place on the starting roster, according to the Seattle Times' Danny O'Neil:

Pete Carroll tells @KJRMitch that Ben Obomanu would start in place of Sidney Rice should Rice be unable to play.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply


Rice has been dealing with his shoulder injury basically since the beginning of training camp back in August, and hasn't practiced over the past few days to give it some time to heal up enough for the season opener with the San Francisco 49ers

For more on the Seahawks, check out Field Gulls to get in on the action. 


John Carlson Has Successful Arthroscopic Surgery On Shoulder

The Seattle Seahawks have announced that tight end John Carlson underwent successful arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder Wednesday morning, according to Eric Williams. Carlson will miss the 2011 NFL season as a result of the injury and surgery.

The Seahawks envisioned using Carlson alongside tight end Zach Miller, acquired from the Oakland Raiders, this season. Miller likely would have gotten more snaps but the team planned on using their three-year tight end in several sets as a way to mix up defenses.

Unfortunately, Carlson suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder during training camp and has had to forfeit his 2011 season. He had his worst statistical season last year, catching only 31 receptions (down from 51 and 55 passes the two years prior) for 318 yards and one touchdown. He had surpassed both the 500-yard mark and the five-touchdown mark in each of his first two seasons with the team before failing to do so in 2010.

Perhaps his struggles last season were tied to the introduction of new head coach Pete Carroll and a changing offense, but regardless of the source Carlson was set to be a significant contributor for the 2011 Seahawks. Now, he will try to nurse his injury and return in 2012 while Miller takes over tight end duties in Seattle.


Sidney Rice, Robert Gallery Will Not Practice Wednesday

The Seattle Seahawks are hoping to have all of their pieces ready for their season opener with the San Francisco 49ers as Sidney Rice and Robert Gallery both missed practice on Wednesday with injuries, and are considered day to day.

With only four days left to get healthy Head Coach Pete Carroll feels the players are "making progress" with their respective injuries, but wouldn't say if they will be ready for week one. Gallery has a sprained knee, nothing too serious but serious enough to merit some time on the sideline to get it right. Rice on the other hand has been out for a week already with a bum shoulder, a nagging injury he's been dealing with since the first week of training camp. In other news running back Marshawn Lynch will practice with the team today.

For more discussion and analysis of the Seahawks, head over to Field Gulls to get in on the action. 


Seattle Seahawks News: After Years Of Uncertainty, Hawks Have Receiving Options

After multiple seasons of uncertainty and lack of production, it appears the Seattle Seahawks finally have depth and talent at the wide receiver and tight end positions. From Sidney Rice to Mike Williams to Zach Miller, the 'Hawks have assembled a unit of players that are both capable of catching the ball and then turning it up the field for big gains.

As Danny O'Neil of The Seattle Times explains, Seattle has a fine mess of depth this season:

The uncertainty in Seattle's passing game was a problem to begin last season. There was a serious question whether Seattle had enough capable receivers.

This season, the uncertainty is a sign of progress. Just try figuring out how Seattle will distribute the ball among Sidney Rice, Mike Williams and Zach Miller.

While the talent is there, what do the players think about the bevy of options in the passing game?

"You can only imagine how a defense is going to look at it," Miller said. 

"It's something that's obviously going to play out here," the tight end said of interweaving players from different teams this off-season, "But it's a good thing to have those kind of problems, because you want guys that want the ball. You want guys that are productive guys, because it just means your offense is that much better."

"If everyone poses a threat, then that just helps everyone else," Mike Williams said.

For as much controversy and uncertainty that has surrounded the quarterback position in training camp, perhaps the fans and media would be better off analyzing the amount of talent and depth that the QB will have at his disposal. 

Will all of the talent and potential live up to the billing once the games start? Or will it be more of the same in Seattle this season? Fortunately, week one is just a few days away before fans will get to see their new and improved offense up close.

For more Seahawks coverage, check out Field Gulls.


Seattle Seahawks Injury Report: Marshawn Lynch, Russell Okung Expected To Play Week One

The Seahawks are preparing for their first game of the season. Check inside for injury updates, depth chart announcements, and more.

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