EUGENE OR - JANUARY 13: Phil Knight co-founder and Chairman of Nike Inc. addresses the crowd before the first game between the USC Trojans and the Oregon Ducks basketball teams at Matt Court on January 13 2011 in Eugene Oregon. The arena is named Phil Knight's son Matthew who died at the age of 34 in a scuba diving accident. (Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images)

Boise State, Oregon Get The Nike Treatment With New Pro Combat Uniforms

Nike rolled out Pro Combat uniforms for Boise State and Oregon on Thursday. Here's a sneak peek.

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Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Video And Photos Of Oregon Ducks' New Gear

With the recent problems surrounding LSU's players being suspended and possibly arrested due to a bar fight, there is still a lot of buzz about Nike's new Pro Combat uniforms to be worn by the Oregon Ducks during their season opener down at Cowboys Stadium. 

Some new photos and even a video of Oregon's fresh gear have surfaced thanks to Will Brinson of, with Oregon actually sporting bulletproof technology on their jerseys (seriously):


As you can see above, the 2011 Oregon football jerseys sport the similar "winged" look as the 2010 -- the jerseys are built out of Nike Flywire technology (which is the same stuff in the sides of most of your new Nike shoes), and includes ultra-strong Kevlar (bulletproof!) stitching in the collar as well.    

12_medium 13_medium

As far as the cleats go, well, they're smooth, and they contrast nicely with the full-on black that Oregon's rocking when wearing the Pro Combat unis. Oregon's colorways are always controversial, because they're combinations of funky greens and yellows. But the "highlight" color on the cleats and gloves are pretty dope, especially paired against the silver of the toe ... and heel.



Oregon's Helmets are always fresh-to-death, these obviously are no different. 

This video says it all.

New Oregon Nike Pro Combat Uniforms (via CBSSports)


Photos Of Oregon's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms For 2011 Opener Against LSU

Ragging on the Oregon Ducks' uniforms is a favorite pastime of college football fans everywhere. Well, everywhere but Eugene, where the Ducks' weekly uniform combinations are met with praise and we're reminded of the recruiting advantages. However, credit where credit is due: Oregon's Pro Combat uniforms for its massive season-opening matchup with LSU are crisp, and put aside some of the more gaudy elements common to the Ducks' apparel.

For the LSU matchup, Oregon is going all-black. As one commenter suggested, it's a Duck Vader look. And I kind of dig it. Check out the photo below.

Darren Rovell's photo Here's a peek at the full uniform Oregon will wear during its 9/3 game vs. LSU
Darren Rovell on WhoSay

If I could find something to complain about, I probably would. But the Ducks Pro Combat uniforms are crisp. Of course, Oregon's school colors only make a small appearance in a supporting role, but black uniforms are in, everyone's doing them, and school colors have fallen by the wayside for many programs anyway. All told, Nike did well with the all-black Oregon Pro Combat uniforms.

What do you think of the Duck Vader combination? Is it the best Pro Combat uniform yet? Head on over to Addicted to Quack and let 'em know.


Boise State's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Photos Of The Broncos' All-White Gear

And with that, we finally know what Boise State will be wearing when it faces Georgia on Sept. 3. On Thursday morning, the Broncos' Nike Pro Combat uniforms were unveiled and, well, they're not bad at all. Boise State won't be in all-blue or splashed in orange. Instead, it's a nearly all-white look for the Broncos, representing a significant break from the norm.

Here is the first look at the Boise State uniforms, which will be a one-time deal for the Broncos.

Darren Rovell's photo Nike releases Boise State jersey for 9/3 game vs. Georgia
Darren Rovell on WhoSay

All told, it's not bad at all, and one of the better Pro Combat combinations I've seen. Where last year Boise State went with a clear, blue and gray combination, this time around the all-white gives the Broncos something new for a huge early-season matchup with Georgia. The Bulldogs will also be wearing Pro Combat uniforms, but weren't so lucky with the design.

What do you think? Is it too much white, with not enough blue or orange? Or is a modern take on Boise State's typical uniforms? Head on over to One Bronco Nation Under God and sound-off.


Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: Photos Of Oregon's Rumored Gear For Opener Against LSU

BREAKING NEWS: The Oregon Ducks have new uniforms. This is synonymous with "BREAKING NEWS: Jack the Ripper kills a woman in a dark London alley" and "BREAKING NEWS: Lady Gaga wears Belgian waffle on her head", but for some reason people are always intrigued by every subsequent update. Oh you people.

In this case, Oregon is grayshirting everyone. Military grays I think, greyer than Gandalf the Grey. Take a look at all this grey on display!

First there's the official Nike release, which I'm guessing is what the Ducks will be wearing on opening weekend in Cowboys Stadium against LSU.


There's also another uniform on display in Vegas which also claims to be the Nike Pro Combat uni that'll be used in Oregon, but sadly it's not as gray. Where has all the gray gone???


Either uniform looks pretty slick. But I'm fond of the gray. Makes me think of a damp and moist Northwest Pacific afternoon, where the sun doesn't shine because Phil Knight's pile of gold blocks it out.

For more on Oregon football, go to Addicted to Quack.

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